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Introducing our exquisite Organic Guatemalan Coffee – a true embodiment of rich culture and unparalleled flavor. Sourced from the high-altitude regions of Guatemala, this coffee captivates your senses with its distinct characteristics. Grown amidst lush landscapes and nurtured by volcanic soil, each sip carries a story of dedication and expertise.

  • Certification/Grading: SHB
  • Roast: Medium
  • Tasting Profile: Dark chocolate, bright fruit, butterscotch
  • Grower: Smallholder farmers from Antigua
  • Variety: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, & Typica
  • Region: Antigua Guatemala
  • Altitude: 1200-1616 M
  • Soil Type: Volcanic Loam
  • Process: Fully washed and sun dried

Available in 4 convenient grinds:

  • Whole Bean: Allows for ultimate freshness and customization, giving you control over grind size and brewing method
  • Espresso: Fine ground for intense and concentrated shots using espresso machines
  • Standard: Versatile option for drip coffee makers and pour-over methods, ensuring a well-rounded flavor
  • Coarse Grind: Ideal for French press or cold brew, delivering a smooth and full-bodied experience
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