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Whiskey Barrel Aged

Whiskey Barrel Aged

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Introducing our Whiskey Barrel Aged blend, a sensory journey that combines the worlds of coffee and whiskey in an extraordinary and captivating fusion. Our single origin Guatemalan beans are carefully aged for 30 days in authentic Bourbon barrels, infusing them with the rich, distinct flavors that whiskey enthusiasts adore. Every sip tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and an unparalleled depth of character.

Available in 4 convenient grinds:

  • Whole Bean: Allows for ultimate freshness and customization, giving you control over grind size and brewing method
  • Espresso: Fine ground for intense and concentrated shots using espresso machines
  • Standard: Versatile option for drip coffee makers and pour-over methods, ensuring a well-rounded flavor
  • Coarse Grind: Ideal for French press or cold brew, delivering a smooth and full-bodied experience
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